Tuesday, December 6, 2011

David Ortiz To Accept Arbitration, Yes!

Well, there's two big moves down-- we hired a manager and re-signed Papi, and it's about time. David Ortiz has reportedly decided to accept the Red Sox offer of arbitration. The Red Sox had an offer on the table of 2 years and $18 million. However, this would present a decrease in pay from $12.5 million in 2011 to just $9 million in 2012. Papi obviously wouldn't have been happy with a pay decrease after his fantastic .309/29/96 season in 2011. He wasn't too shabby in 2010 either, winning Sox.Rox Player of the Year and going .270/32/102. Ortiz is the best DH in baseball, and this presents a major move in the offseason plans for the Red Sox. With Papi back in the fold for 2012, the Red Sox will not have to worry about signing a heavy-hitting outfielder like Carlos Beltran or Josh Willingham and can instead go for cheaper players. It also means they can focus full out on signing at least one solid pitcher. I am very happy that the Sox have locked up Papi, he would have definitely been missed in Boston.

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  1. And besides the great stats, you can't capture Papi's spirit and charm in the numbers. Great news to be keeping one of the Red Sox's legendary players at home!