Sunday, December 11, 2011

Conor Says... Trade For Bobby Parnell

In my opinion, Daniel Bard should be the Red Sox' closer in 2012. However, if Bard is to become to closer, then who should become the set-up man? I think the Red Sox should fulfill this need by trading for the Mets' reliever Bobby Parnell. Parnell is coming off a pretty good year in 2011 in which he went 4-6/3.64/64 for the Mets. He became the closer late in the season for the Mets, but was not very successful-- only saving 6/12 chances. However, his stats of 4-6/3.64/64 would adequately replace Bard's 2-9/3.33/74. That would leave the Red Sox' bullpen looking like this: Bard (closer), Parnell (set-up), Albers (mid relief), Morales (mid relief), Jenks (mid relief), Another acquisition, and Aceves (long relief). I think that to improve the Red Sox bullpen, they should get Parnell and possibly a few more arms to help out the back end.

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