Thursday, November 24, 2011

Red Sox Offer Ortiz, Wheeler Arbitration

The title says enough that I don't have to write a topic sentence here. I'll do one anyways though; the Red Sox have offered arbitration to David Ortiz (right) and Dan Wheeler. Ortiz had a monster year in 2011, hitting .309/29/96, reverting back to his masher form from 2003-2007. Ortiz would be a Type A free agent, so we would get a draft pick if he signed elsewhere. However, he has stated that he would like to stay in Boston. He also has said he would like a multi-year deal, something he may not get with arbitration. However, he would get a raise from the $12.5 million he earned last year-- something that may tempt him. Wheeler had a fairly mediocre year last season in the bullpen, not quite living up to expectations. He went 2-2/4.38/39 in his first (and possibly only) year in Boston. Through arbitration, the Red Sox would have to offer him at least $2.4 million. This may be tempting to him, because after a mediocre year, I doubt he'd get more than that on the open market; I also doubt he'd get a multi-year deal. I think Wheeler is a good chance to resign, and Papi is a something like 60% in my opinion.

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