Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red Sox Interested In Luis Ayala

Reports have surfaced that the Red Sox may be interested in free agent reliever Luis Ayala. Ayala had a magnificent season out of the 'pen for the Yankees in 2011, going 2-2/2.09/39 in 52 games and 56 innings. The Rays have also looked into Ayala, and I'm sure that after that season, the Yankees would be very happy to have him back. In that case, he would not be an easy sign and probably would want a guaranteed spot on a major league team's roster-- not something to just throw away to a reliever who hasn't been spectacular for much of his career. He has a career 3.47 ERA over 5 teams, and his career line would be much better if not for rough years in 2008 and 2009 before missing a whole season in 2010. The last time the Red Sox plucked a reliever from the Evil Empire it worked pretty well (Alfredo Aceves), so I'd be all for trying it again!

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