Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ellsbury Gets This One Stolen From Him

Usually, it's Jacoby Ellsbury doing the stealing; this time, he's getting stolen from. I expect most casual Red Sox fans know that our stud Jacoby Ellsbury finished 2nd in MVP voting to Justin Verlander. Now, I am going to say that Verlander was fantastic. He absolutely deserved the Cy Young, but I don't think that somebody playing every five games should win the MVP award. Pitchers do have their own award after all. Verlander was probably more valuable to the Tigers than Ellsbury was to the Sox, as I don't think they would have won the division without him. However, I am of the personal opinion that the MVP award should generally go to a batter. Yes, I'm guilty. If a Red Sox pitcher wins the MVP, I won't be saying this. However, it's not all about the Red Sox as I was predicting Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays to win the MVP and would have been surprised if Ellsbury did. Ellsbury had a great season, going .321/32/105 with 39 stolen bases: becoming the first 30-30 man in Red Sox history. He had a career year, and I hope he continues his stellar career as a member of the Red Sox. Congratulations to Justin Verlander as well.

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