Saturday, October 22, 2011

So Long, Theo!

Basically, the announcement that Theo Epstein has officially resigned as GM of the Red Sox and gone to the Cubs is old news. It is an excuse for more news that we already knew. However, as I sit at home and listen to John Denver and type this- I have a melancholy feeling. The "Boy Wonder" is gone- off to Chicago to try and kill another curse. He ended ours in his second year as GM in 2004, after coming oh, so close in 2003. To pinch us, and make sure we weren't dreaming, he won it again in 2007. He brought advanced baseball statistics to Boston- finding potential in players like Bill Mueller, Kevin Millar, and David Ortiz. While he made a few mistakes over the past few years, the air in Boston was still "In Theo we trust." All big money GM's make a few mistakes in his day: John Lackey and Carl Crawford were both good players before they came to Boston, same with J.D. Drew and Edgar Renteria. It's hard to predict how different of a GM Ben Cherington will be, but it's too bad that Theo will be gone. I wish him well, and will be rooting for the Cubs- assuming they aren't playing the Red Sox.

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