Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lackey Lacking A Healthy Arm

About 45 minutes into his press conference, Ben Cherington made his first announcement as Red Sox GM. John Lackey is going to be having Tommy John surgery and is likely to miss the 2012 season. Lackey is the 3rd Red Sox pitcher to fall under the knife this season, following Daisuke Matsuzaka and Rich Hill, whose surgeries fell within a week of each other in late May. This will further kill Lackey's trade-ability after a terrible 12-12/6.41/108 season in 2011; he was the worst pitcher in the major leagues. This is good because we will be without him for a year. However, it will also be bad because it will mean to Sox will probably have to shop for 2 starting pitchers on the market. Hopefully Cherington's judgement is good at finding these pitchers- as he's being put to his first test.

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