Monday, October 17, 2011

Cardinals-Rangers, Another Good World Series

In the Red Sox collapse, it's all about Boston. Nobody cares about the Rays, it's all that Francona couldn't do his job and some pitchers were eating fried chicken. However, in the NL, I've heard nothing about the Braves' collapse, only about the Cardinals' success- and for good reason. They advanced past the 102-60 Phillies in 5 games of the NLDS. Then, they made it through the 96-66 Brewers in 6 games of the NLCS after last night's game. They won 12-6 in a slugfest where the Cardinals hit 3 home runs, hit by NLCS MVP David Freese (right), Rafael Furcal, and Albert Pujols. It was a good game, and I'd be willing to bet that my friend at school (a Brewers fan) will be wearing black. Nevermind that, the Packers won, he'll be wearing his Packers polo. Anyways, I know I said that I favored the Rangers yesterday, and I still do; but, don't count the Cardinals out, these guys have had a hell of a run and why should it stop now?

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