Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yearly News

Is it something I said? Two of the three years I've been blogging, the Red Sox have missed the playoffs- including 2 straight years! This was an odd year for the Red Sox, after last night's 4-3 loss to the Orioles, they wound up 90-72 and failed for Playoff contention. The one bright spot all year in this season, however, has been Jacoby Ellsbury, who finished the season at .322/32/105. This race for Player of the Year was as close as it's ever been, as Ellsbury and Adrian Gonzalez were tied heading into this week. However, Jacoby Ellsbury's 2-run homer on Tuesday (9/27/11) was enough to cap off an exciting race. Also, Jacoby Ellsbury had, by far, the best season for anybody to win the Player of the Year- I mean, he had one hell of a season. The first annual Pitcher of the Year was Josh Beckett, who had a great season, going 13-7/2.89/175 in 2011, arguably the best year of his career. This was a strange season.

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  1. Jacoby was the only Sox who played this week!!!