Friday, September 2, 2011

Red Sox Sign Lefty Trever Miller

A few days ago, the Red Sox made several moves. They traded for Conor Jackson, then they signed Joey Gathright and Trever Miller (right). Of the three, there is a good chance that Miller may be the most effective. Miller brings a veteran arm as well as a lefty to the bullpen, and he is also a pretty decent pitcher. This will be Miller's third team this year, as he started with the Cardinals, then briefly went to the Blue Jays in the Colby Rasmus deal. Between the two teams, he has had a decent season, going 0-1/4.19/11 in 45 outings and 19 1/3 innings. However, he has not been nearly as sharp as in past seasons, as he is allowing a .321 opposing average this season, and has been unsettlingly ineffective against lefties (.308 average). However, other than the batting average, he is pretty much in line with his career averages. Miller could be a welcome addition for the stretch run for the Sox.

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