Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Good Possibility That We Will See Clay Buchholz in 2011

Well, you may have gotten the gist of this post from the title. We could see Clay Buchholz pitching in a game for the Red Sox as early as Monday in Baltimore. Buchholz is recovering from a stress fracture in his back that he received on my birthday (nice present, right?). Before the injury he was 6-3/3.48/60 coming off of a fantastic 17-7/2.33/120 season in 2010 where he was 2nd in the AL in ERA. If the Red Sox had Clay Buchholz for the whole season in 2011, they would be in 1st place right now. No question, he would have added the 7 games that they currently need, and since we do not have those wins, the Yankees have clinched the AL East. Our pitching would have been better all year long, and although the Red Sox never would have gotten Erik Bedard, they would still have had a viable postseason rotation. I just hope that Buchholz bounces back and is maybe healthy for the playoffs and 2012.

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