Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why The Red Sox Should Acquire Jason Vargas On Waivers

With the Waiver Trading Deadline approaching soon, and the starting rotation still on the ropes, the Sox may be looking to make a move. Several, mainly mediocre pitchers have cleared waivers, but one name caught my eye. Jason Vargas of the Seattle Mariners. Since being traded over to the Mariners before the 2009 season, Vargas has made a name for himself as a pretty consistent, above average starting pitcher. He is having another pretty good season this year, going 7-11/4.18/102 in 26 starts and 162 2/3 innings. He is coming off the best season in the 28 year old's young career, as last year for a terrible Mariners team, he provided a spark by going 9-12/3.78/116 in 31 starts and 192 2/3 innings. Plus, there is always the fact that Vargas is a left-handed pitcher, an option that would give the Sox three lefties in their rotation. We would have to bump somebody from our rotation, probably Wakefield, but it may be worth it. I think this might not be a bad idea, as I doubt we'd have to give up much for him.

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