Thursday, August 4, 2011

Everyone Ready For Erik Bedard?

Hi there, I know it's unlike me to make pre-game posts, but I found this one necessary. The past two years that I have been blogging (2009, 2010), I have been away at camp for the Trading Deadline. This year, however, I was there for it and I witnessed Erik Bedard coming over to the Red Sox at right about 4:00. Tonight will be Bedard's Red Sox debut and I'm really excited, as I haven't actually watched Bedard since he was an Oriole in 2007. I remember watching one game where it was Orioles vs. Yankees and he struck out the first 4 Yankees in the ballgame and tossed a gem. That game elevated my expectations of Bedard as I began to think he was one of the best pitchers in baseball (2007 was the first year I really watched baseball). I live in Virginia, and had not yet bought the MLB package with which I could watch all Sox games and inspired me to write this blog. I could only watch Orioles and Nationals games so in the offseason when Bedard was traded to Seattle for George Sherrill and Adam Jones I was sad. Even though those two became playmakers for the Orioles (The O's are my 2nd favorite team by the way), I was sad to see Bedard go, especially because he missed about 1 1/2 months at the end of 2007. The years went by and I didn't really expect to see Bedard again until I saw that the Red Sox were interested in him a little over a week ago. That changed quickly from "interested" to "all over him" to "Red Sox Acquire Erik Bedard in 3 Team Deal." Even though I realize we'll only have him for about 2 months (not counting playoffs) and we'll be lucky to get 10 starts, I'll be happy to see him again. I hope everybody else is as ready as I am to see Erik Bedard!

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