Thursday, July 21, 2011

Red Sox In On A Few Trading Deadline Options

Theo Epstein is not going to be a slouch at this year's Trading Deadline. That is for sure as many names have circled around the name of the Boston Red Sox. Some of the most notable names that have popped up are starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez (right), outfielder Carlos Beltran, shortstop Jose Reyes, and outfielder Ryan Ludwick.
First Jimenez; this would be a great move for the Sox if they could get away with it without destroying their farm system. Despite a very rough start to the season, he now stands at 6-8/4.00/108, not bad by any means and with 3 of the Red Sox' starters injured, he would solidify that spot. He would be a solid #3 starter behind Lester and Beckett and would make the rotation one of the most formidable in
the league. To put that into perspective, this is his highest ERA since his rookie year in 2007, since then he has had ERA's of 3.99, 3.47, and 2.88 last year.
Next is Carlos Beltran (left), another man who the Sox appear very interested in bringing in. Beltran is having a very nice year in his first healthy season since 2008, as he has gone .293/15/61 in 92 games this season. This would be a good move for the present, but he has a very high contract, however, if they could convince the Mets to eat some or all of that, he would be great. Once again, they would have to kill their farm system to do this and he would only be a one year rental as his contract expires after this season. However, he, apparently, would love to be a member of the Red Sox as he has waived his no-trade clause to us.
Jose Reyes, I think, is a bit of a fantasy to me and the Red Sox. It would be very
unlikely for us to get him, it would cost a lot, and his contract expires after this season. However, despite all that, he would win the Red Sox the AL East, as he is having a year of the ages, leading the NL in batting average at .355 along with 3 home runs, 32 RBIs, and 30 steals. He would be a dream come true for half a season as the Sox have traditionally had no luck at shortstop since Nomar left. He is a great player: decent fielder, very good contact hitter, a fair amount of pop (16 home runs in 2008, 19 in 2006), and fantastic speed (78 steals in 2007, 56 in 2008). Ultimately, I don't think that the Sox should make this deal though, for it would cost us a lot and we wouldn't be able to keep him.
Ryan Ludwick would be the easiest player for us to get, as the Padres are shopping him. He is a decent player, batting .244/11/61, but he has shown his best potential in St. Louis when he batted .299/37/113, as one of the best bats in the National League. He could substitute for J.D. Drew in right field, despite having more experience in left field, and I'm sure could not be worse than Drew at hitting. The Red Sox have contacted the Padres about Ludwick so they are clearly interested, but why not fill the need with Josh Reddick? Beltran would be a better move than Ludwick for the outfield, and Jimenez is who they need most overall with all the injuries in the rotation. I would say just put all their energy into getting Jimenez and using Beltran or maybe Ludwick as a fall-back plan. But I'm not Theo Epstein.


  1. I really don't want another rental. I want somebody who is in this. Jason Bay broke my heart.

  2. Jimenez has a contract until 2015, I don't know about Ludwick. The other two I don't want.