Monday, April 4, 2011

Should We Be Scared? Not Yet

Something about this is not quite right, while the Rangers are the defending AL Champs, a stacked team with a $168 million payroll should not be swept in the first series. The Rangers did a good job, however, in starting lefty pitchers in C.J. Wilson and Matt Harrison, against a Red Sox in which three of the first five hitters are lefty. They did pretty well offensively too, as Ian Kinsler and Nelson Cruz hit a homer in every game of the series, and Mike Napoli hit a homer in both games he played in. The Red Sox pitching was awful, the worst being John Lackey (right), who allowed 9 runs on 10 hits in just 3 2/3 innings. The Red Sox' offense has been pretty bad, as their team average is a depressing .200, good for 28th in MLB, their 9.75 ERA, worst in the league. Tomorrow, the Red Sox will look to even out their record against the Cleveland Indians so I hope they'll win, they really need it.

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  1. Saw this somewhere

    Of the 163 teams that started 0-3, only 6 went on to win a pennant (4%) and 29 finished in first or second place (18%). These teams managed to win 50% of their games on average. The good news? Three these teams went on to win championships: the 1973 Oakland Athletics, the 1914 Boston Braves, and the 1998 New York Yankees

    So This means that Red Sox fans should be saying we want to be just like the Yankees