Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Sox To Hold Gonzalez For 7 More Years

Today, the Red Sox finalized the fabled 7 year/$154 million deal with Adrian Gonzalez that had really been in place since the Sox traded for Gonzalez back in December. So far this season, Gonzalez is batting .268/1/7 after a .298/31/101 season in 2010 with the Padres. Gonzalez will make $21 million per year from 2012-2016 plus a $6 million signing bonus for this year. Gonzalez is a career .284 hitter, and a Gold Glove first baseman, and this is a great move for the Sox. With both Gonzalez and Crawford set up for 7 years each, the Red Sox could have some good times both this year and in the next few years. I am incredibly glad that the Sox made this move, and I think they know that they are not going to regret this.

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