Friday, March 18, 2011

Red Sox Fall On Shaky Wakefield Start (12-11)

Tonight the Red Sox lost 3-7 to the Rays in a tough game that we never even held a lead in. Tim Wakefield had, frankly, a terrible start, earning the loss through 3 innings, with 6 runs scored. He is now 0-1/7.45/6, as he even allowed 4 home runs tonight. One bright spot was Randy Williams, who threw 2 shutout innings, striking out two and not allowing a hit, as he is now 0-0/2.08/9 this spring. Matt Albers threw a shutout inning and Matt Fox allowed a run through 2 innings. J.D. Drew (right) went 1-2 with an RBI in tonight's game, as he is now .207/1/4 as he's had a tough spring. Carl Crawford went 0-2 with an RBI as well, as he is now .206/0/4. Tomorrow, the Red Sox will send Josh Beckett out to face the Pirates at 1:05. I'm unhappy because the Red Sox lost both of their games today, at least there's always tomorrow! (And it's spring training)

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