Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Second Birthday Of Sox.Rox

Today is the second birthday of Sox.Rox, and it seems like just yesterday I was in Dick's Sporting Goods and told my dad I wanted to start a blog about the Red Sox. Two full seasons and offseasons of Red Sox coverage, and in June 2010, I made a record 33 blog posts. The one complaint I have, that I hope to change this year, is that I have never blogged a playoff win, the Sox got swept in the ALDS by the Angels in '09, and they didn't make the playoffs last year. But what with Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez coming to Boston, along with the great core of players they have, I am filled with optimism. I hope for another great year for the Red Sox, and for Sox.Rox!



  2. Aw, Lincoln beat me to it. Happy Birthday Sox Rox! This is the first place I turn to for news of the Nation. Keep up the good work!

  3. Happy Birthday Sox Rox! I LOVE this blog and look forward to its posts during the upcoming season. GO SOX!

  4. Oh how I love the Sox
    I love to read about the Sox
    I read about them on Sox-dot-Rox
    I like to read in ruby socks
    I don my socks and eat some pox
    And read Red Sox news from Sox-dot-Rox!

    Happy Birthday, Sox.Rox!

    Apologies to Theodor Geisel ("GUYzel!!")...whose own birthdate is 3/2; the numerical mirror of Sox.Rox's 2/3 anniversary!

  5. Biggie ups and much love to the Sox Rocker. Keep up the great work. btw, if you haven't already, you might give Torre's "Yankee Years" a read. I realize that may sound blasphemous but I suprisingly enjoyed it...especially the parts where he invents excuses for the 04/07 seasons. And how could you not enjoy the trash talking he does about Mr. Glamour Boy, A-Rod.

  6. Happy Birthday to Sox.Rox
    Here's to blogging about a playoff win in the upcoming season :)

    "Well I love that dirty water, oh Boston- you're my home!"

  7. As I was fond of saying in my youth as a sox fan... THIS is going to be the year. Fortunately, they are now actually good enough that there may be some truth to that! Keep up the great work and congrats on a second year... very cool!

  8. Awesome job on two years and counting! As long as Woodland, CA native Dustin Pedroia comes back healthy, everything is going to be okay for the Red Sox.

  9. GREAT 2 years Conor. I have a feeling this is going to be one Great Year for the Sox!

  10. Well, if the Sox couldn't win it in 2010, it's just as well that the Giants did, right? :)