Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Sox Sign Alfredo Aceves

Today, the Red Sox signed former Yankees reliever Alfredo Aceves. In 2010, he injured his back and was limited to 10 games in which he went 3-0/3.00/2, however he had a great year in 2009, going 10-1/3.54/69. The Sox will have a very crowded bullpen this year, as it is a major league deal worth $650,000, however if he goes back down to the minor leagues it is only worth $250,000. Aceves will probably compete with Scott Atchison for that righty middle reliever spot. Today was also Truck Day for the Red Sox, meaning the truck with all the Red Sox' equipment is going down to Florida. Both Aceves and the truck going down to Florida are great things for the Sox.


  1. This is probably a good move for the Sox.

  2. Nice move -- the Sox are really building a good bench. They'll need it if they have anything like the kind of injuries they had last year! Also satisfying to see us poach someone good from the Yankees.