Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Red Sox Improve Catching Depth

Yesterday, the Red Sox signed 34 year old minor league catcher, Paul Hoover. Last year, in 9 games with the Phillies, he went .227/0/2, as his best season came in... I don't really know, they're all pretty bad, as he's never hit a home run in his career, and his career high in RBIs are two. The deal is just a minor league deal, and I'd personally be surprised if it's more than 6 digits. Mark Wagner and Luis Exposito will be the main catchers at AAA Pawtucket this year, so maybe he will go to AA Portland. Also, just a reminder, tomorrow is Sox.Rox's 2nd birthday, I hope you come leave a comment. Back to the point, this move won't really effect the Red Sox much unless they are ravaged by injuries again.


  1. I know you'll know the answer to this: whatever happened to Jason Varitek? He seemed to disappear; was he hurt last year (like it seemed most of the team)? I could have missed the specifics since I pay closer attention to the Yankees. Speaking of, it seemed like Varitek's disappearance is a lot like Bernie Williams. One day, THAT guy just fell off the radar.
    As far as Hoover: can't see him as an upgrade, either. I agree, he may stay in the minor leagues, barring injuries.

  2. Happy Birthday Sox Rox!

    I really enjoy your blog and follow regularly. Thank you for providing up to the minute news and views on the status of my favorite team.

  3. Well, as you're aware, I know very little about baseball and essentially nothing about the Red Sox. But I must say, this blog has a considerably more sophisticated look than last time I checked it (quite a while ago). Very nice.

    As for sox, I have a drawer full of them - 2 drawers that are each half full to be more precise. Some have holes in the toes, making for a mixed roster and presenting challenges for the season - which to discard, which to try mending? My star sox are the thick ones, at least at this time of year, especially the ones your aunt gets me from Korea. I guess because people there don’t wear shoes in the house they take more care with their sox. They’re very well made and have a slightly thicker, cushier and more abuse-tolerant bottom. Moral of the story: I’m convinced the sox should get a couple Korean assistant coaches – maybe those dudes who hang around 1st and 3rd bases. Next time I’ll analyze the rox aspect. (At least I didn’t write about physics or philosophy this time.)

    Happy birthday to Sox Rox!

  4. @ Al, Jason Varitek suffered a foot injury in June of last year, and pretty much fell off the table after that. After the departure of Victor Martinez and acquisition of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, he will be their backup catcher in 2011. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. Will he still be their captain? If so, kind of a shabby way to treat him, dontcha think? Can he still do the job (unlike Jorge Posada who couldn't throw out my grandmother-and she's dead)?

  6. He's a good game-caller, but not much good at throwing people out, and he's pretty streaky on offense, he'll have the occasional good spell, but most of the time he's pretty bad. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, I just think Salty is a better option, and some of the guys down in double-A and triple-A are pretty good two.