Monday, January 3, 2011

Red Sox Sign Journeyman Hector Luna

Today, the Red Sox signed journeyman infielder Hector Luna to a minor league deal. Luna had a good year in the minor leagues, batting .294, however, he was not quite as good in the majors, going .138/2/4 in 27 games with the Marlins. Luna had his best season in 2006, in a year split between the Cardinals and Indians, when he went .286/6/38, that shows that he has potential. Luna will probably spend much of 2011 in the minor leagues, but if Marco Scutaro or Jed Lowrie gets injured he may be brought up to fill in their role. I don't really think this move is going to effect the Sox very much, but if he does well off the bench he could help the team a lot.


  1. Nothing wrong with having options.

  2. Not at all, I think it will help a lot if Scutaro/Lowrie/Pedroia gets injured again