Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Sox Avoid Arbitration Once Again

Today the Red Sox found common ground on contracts for Jonathan Papelbon (right) and Jacoby Ellsbury. They will be paying Papelbon $12 million next year, which I think is overpaying him a lot after his unusual 5-7/3.90/76 2010 season. They are paying Ellsbury $2.4 million, which I think is about what he deserves after his injury-riddled 2010 season when he went .192/0/5 in just 18 games. I'm surprised they made these moves so fast, as today was just the deadline to exchange settlements, they had a good two weeks before arbitration. I'm glad these deals were made, and frankly, I think the Red Sox are done this offseason, so that makes a pretty boring next month.

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