Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beltre On Verge Of Signing With Rangers

Adrian Beltre and the Rangers seem to be very close to a 6 year contract worth $96 million. Beltre had a great season last year with the Red Sox, going .321/28/102 in 2010. Beltre was a key reason to the Red Sox not completely failing last year, as he did not get injured and produced way above expectations. However, this deal is extremely similar to the 5 year deal he signed on with the Mariners in 2005, he had a great year and then failed to live up to expectations. It is also very ironic that I am making this post, as exactly 1 year ago today, he signed with the Red Sox. The Red Sox also now get the Rangers' 1st round pick, so plus the one from Victor Martinez and minus Carl Crawford, they get 2 in the top 30. I tip my hat to Beltre and the Rangers for making a good deal, and we'll always remember his 2010 season.

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