Sunday, December 12, 2010

Red Sox Pushing Yankees Even Harder

It has been reported that at the Winter Meetings, the Red Sox gave Cliff Lee a 7 year offer with the sole purpose of raising the price for the Yankees. The Red Sox offer was pretty low on the money end, so they really aren't interested in him. Cliff Lee had a great season in 2010, going 12-9/3.18/185, so we definitely rather see him going back to the Rangers than winding up in New York. The Red Sox offer also served the purpose on focusing the Yanks on Lee so the Red Sox could sign Carl Crawford for 7 years of his own. The Rangers and Yankees seem to be the main contestants in the Cliff Lee race and I really hope he chooses Texas. The Red Sox need to improve their bullpen really badly, but they don't really need starting pitching anyways.

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