Thursday, December 16, 2010

Red Sox Agree To Terms With Bobby Jenks

Today, the Red Sox appear to be set to sign reliever Bobby Jenks, who has spent all of his career with the Chicago White Sox. Jenks had an off year in 2010, going 1-3/4.44/61, but he has had better years, most notably being 2007 and 2008, when he went 3-5/2.77/56 and 3-1/2.63/38. The contract is pending a physical, and it is worth 2 years for $12 million. This is definitely the biggest step that Theo Epstein and the Red Sox management crew have taken to upgrade the bullpen all year. Jenks' 2010 season was by far the worst of his career, and if he does anything like he has for the past 5 years before that, he will be a great fit in Boston. I am very happy that the Red Sox made this move, and I think it will really help them.


  1. Let's hope he doesn't turn into another Colon and keeps his weight down. Let's hope he's matured and isn't the loose cannon he used to be as written about by Matt McCarthy in 'Odd Man Out.' And let's hope personalities don't clash between him and Pap.

  2. We'd better hope not! But I think he'll be a good one.