Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pujols Contract Not Going To Effect Gonzalez Deal

Adrian Gonzalez seems to be a good man, he has said that if Albert Pujols signs a deal with the Cardinals before the season, he will not use it as a blueprint. He also says that he will make negotiations with the Red Sox during the 2011 season. He continues to use Ryan Howard's 5 year, $125 million contract and Mark Teixeira's 8 year, $180 million as a blueprint. The Red Sox and Gonzalez were reported several weeks ago to be closest to a deal worth 7 years for $154 million. I think he is worth that, even though Albert Pujols may make a huge contract that would be worth up to $30 million a year. Both sides say that they are confident that this deal will get done before Gonzalez becomes a free agent next offseason. Gonzalez is a great player and I hope they can work out a deal before long.

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