Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buchholz Can't Do Anything In Loss (78-63)

Last night the Red Sox lost to the A's, 0-5, as the Sox didn't play very well. Clay Buchholz (right) was very uneffective, allowing 5 runs in only 1 inning, as he was pulled because he couldn't even get an out in the second inning, he is now 15-7/2.53/104 as, as a general rule he has been great this year. The Red Sox didn't have any RBIs because Trevor Cahill was very good, but Victor Martinez, Adrian Beltre, and Josh Reddick at least got hits last night. Tonight, John Lackey (12-9/4.48/128) and Brett Anderson (4-6/2.97/55) will pitch in Oakland at 9:05. I hope the Sox can come back to win the series.

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