Saturday, August 14, 2010

Third Time's The Charm, They Say!

Guess what, everybody! Jacoby Ellsbury reinjured his ribs for the 3rd time! He took a dive last night and he "felt a sharp pain in his side." Ellsbury is flying to Los Angeles to visit Dr. Lewis Yocum. He said that he knew it was bad as soon as he dove but he tried (and succeeded) to play through the rest of the 11-inning game. This is the third time this year that Ellsbury has injured his ribs, Beltre must have really got him back on April 11. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, Ellsbury wasn't even the only unhealthy player out there. Jed Lowrie got pulled from the game because of heat exhaustion. After the game, he was pale and limping, but he should be alright. Let's keep our fingers crossed that niether of these injuries end up being very bad.

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