Friday, June 11, 2010

Red Sox Unable to Protect Leads (35-27)

Last night, the Red Sox lost 7-8 to the Indians, the frustrating thing was that they lead by leads of 5-0 and 7-6 but Daniel Bard was unable to come through in the 9th. Jon Lester had a tough start, allowing 6 runs in 6 innings and he is now 7-2/3.18/89 as he has been good this year. Losing 5-6 in the 9th, Adrian Beltre (right) hit a 2-run shot to give them the lead, as he has been great at .332/8/42. Victor Martinez also had 2 RBIs and Marco Scutaro scored twice as they both had a good series. Tonight, the Sox play the Phillies and John Lackey (6-3/4.72/41) and Jamie Moyer (6-5/3.98/33) toe the rubber in Fenway. The Sox need to win badly!

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  1. This was a disappointing loss for the Red Sox. I hope they can pull things together this evening.