Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too Little, Too Late For Red Sox (18-17)

Today, the Sox woke up in the 9th inning, scoring 2 runs, but they still lost 2-3. Tim Wakefield (right) had a nice start, allowing 3 runs in 7 innings, he is now 0-2/5.63/23 after returning to the rotation. J.D. Drew and Adrian Beltre each had 9th inning RBIs, but it was not enough for a sweep of the Blue Jays. David Ortiz went 2-4, but got ejected from the game after arguing with the ump (rightfully!). Terry Francona also got ejected from the game. The Red Sox are 18-17, we have a winning record, but it is not enough. On Thursday, we play the Tigers, who have been quite good this year. Good luck to us!!!

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  1. Don't know how I missed this but I just realized that Manny will be returning to Fenway for the first time since coming out here to la la land in June. I'm going to be in Beantown so I'm hoping to sneak into the park to give him the royal salute when he comes back. I hope Youk puts the smackdown on him. And I hope he flails like he used to in the hub. One of my favorite post-Manny moments was when he went 0 for 4 at a Dodger playoff game I attended last year. I think he was distracted by the Backstreet Boys who sang the national anthem at that game.