Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kill The Yankees Now! (15-15)

The Red Sox lost miserably yesterday, by a score of 3-10 as it was definitely heartbreaking. Josh Becket (right) allowed 0 runs and struck out 7 over 3.1 innings, but then Nick Swisher had a blast and he ended up with 9 runs over 5.1, he is the Red Sox ace, yet he is the worst starting pitcher on the team. David Ortiz may be breaking out of his slump, he had a nice RBI single. Adrian Beltre's power is heating up as he has been having ncie power strokes, including an RBI single last night. J.D. Drew has also been great on his recent trend, he has won 2 Player of the Weeks in a row and shows no signs of faltering. The Red Sox better play a good game today at 3:10 pm EST on Fox.

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