Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Buchholz Does His Part in Win (25-21)

The Red Sox had gotten swept by the Rays in a 4-game series at home earlier this season and the Rays stood with a best record in baseball. But the Red Sox invaded the Rays' home ballpark and beat them 6-1! Clay Buchholz (right) was masterful, allowing 1 run over 6 innings, striking out 8. He is now a very good 6-3/3.07/43 as he is their best pitcher without a doubt. The Red Sox hit 2 home runs, one by David Ortiz (.256/9/23) and another by Kevin Youkilis (.321/10/29) as they are both on rolls. Dustin Pedroia had a 3-5 day, scoring a run; he is now .270/8/25 as he has been having a tough time of late. Tonight, Jon Lester (4-2/3.47/63) goes up against James Shields (5-1/3.08/66) as it should be a good pitching game. I hope the Sox can advance some games against the Rays in this series.


  1. Buchholz has come a long way and proved that he's not just a flash in the pan after the big no-hitter early in his career. We're lucky to have him!

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me that Bucks would be a top of the rotation guy at the start of the season. Red Sox Nation has doubted his confidence in the past. I'm not sure that was ever the issue but you gotta tip your hat to his performances...and he does seem to have a bit more swagger than normally.

    Your choice of "masterful" to describe his pitching was perfect. And it was an ironic choice because Justin "Master"son (formerly of the Sox) has been struggling. Sucks for him but I'm glad he's struggling with another team and not us.