Friday, April 23, 2010

Tough 7th Costs Red Sox Game (6-10)

Last night the Red Sox lost a tough game 0-3 to the Rangers. Clay Buchholz (right) did extremely well until the 7th inning, when he allowed 3 runs. In the game he went 6.2 innings, allowing 3 runs, on the season he is 1-2/2.70/18 as the strikeout number rocketed with a career-high 10 strkeouts in this game. The problem was that C.J. Wilson gave nothing to the Sox; Victor Martinez was their best hitter, he went 2-3 last night. Bill Hall went 1-3 as he is sort of turning his tough start around. The Red Sox should be able to turn their start around facing the Orioles who have started very very badly, they stand at 2-14, worst in MLB by no small margin so the Sox should easily beat them. Tonight, Jon Lester (0-2/8.44/14) faces Jeremy Guthrie (0-2/3.15/14) so I hope Lester can turn around against a bad team as the first 3 teams he has faced (Yankees, Twins, Rays) are all quite good.

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