Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Red Sox Win Slugfest (9-11)

Yesterday the Red Sox had some amazing hitting, but the pitching was- to say the least- shaky in a 13-12 win over the Blue Jays. Jason Varitek (right) drove 4 runs in, he is now a very good .357/4/8 to start the season, much better than Victor Martinez' .261/1/5. Josh Beckett allowed 8 earned runs in 3 innings as he has been having a tough year so far. Marco Scutaro scored a career-high 4 runs in a 3-5 game with 1 RBI last night. Dustin Pedroia also had a clutch 2-run double in a 3-6 game for him, he is now .298/5/15 in a spectacular start the season. Adrian Beltre also had a 2-run double that was very nearly a 3-run homer, he is now .309/0/9 as if he gets some home runs he will be good. Tonight's pitching matchup will be Clay Buchholz 1-2/2.70/18 against Shaun Marcum (0-1/4.00/23) as we hope for some more pitching!

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  1. Nice to see Varitek playing well! I wasn't sure they would outscore the Jays last night but I' was glad they did.