Monday, April 19, 2010

Red Sox Swept- Gah! (4-9)

Today, the Sox lost 2-8 to the Rays and thus got swept, John lackey (right) had his first bad start, and it was bad! He allowed 8 runs over 3.1 innings, he is now 1-1/5.63/8 as he started out so well but failed. Jeremy Hermida hit a 2-run homer, his first at Fenway and second of the year. He is now a respectable .219/2/8 filling in for Jacoby Ellsbury (who should play sometime this week). Bill Hall got his first hit of the season, playing in center field, he is now .091/0/0 to start the season. The Red Sox really need to come back and have a fantastic series vs the Rangers, starting tomorrow night. Tim Wakefield, 0-1/5.11/8 will start tomorrow and I hope he can perform like he did in his first start. I am really not in the mood to write, so 'till next time!

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  1. Man, this is painful. Come on guys, get it together!!