Monday, April 12, 2010

Lester Struggles in Loss (3-4)

Today the Red Sox lost 2-5 to the Twins in a tough loss in the first ever game at Target Field. David Ortiz had 1 RBI but still is mired in a .136 slump to start the season. Jon Lester (right)allowed 4 runs in 5 innings for the second straight game as he is now 0-1/7.20/9 in 2 starts. Dustin Pedroia got his 8th RBI on a sacrifice fly, he is now a remarkable .357/3/8 to begin this season, he went 1-3 today. Marco Scutaro went 2-4 in a leadoff appearance for him, with Jacoby Ellsbury out of the lineup after his collision with Adrian Beltre yesterday. Ellsbury's replacement, Jeremy Hermida (playing in his 3rd straight game) had a 1-2 day today, as he has been a more than adequate replacement for the various outfielders the Red Sox have been resting. I hope the Sox can win on Wednesday, Lackey pitches!


  1. i was reading another blog where they attributed lester/beckett woes to changeup pitches. kind of out of my element, honestly, but it was an interesting read. kind of can't wait for lackey to get back on the mound.
    really and truly thought the ortiz hit was a homerun. you know, until it wasn't.
    exciting, nonetheless.

  2. I didn't see much of the game but Ortiz's and Cameron's homers looked very close on the highlights!