Monday, April 5, 2010

Josh Beckett- Red Sox Ace for Years to Come

This is Josh Beckett's 5th season with Boston, many Red Sox fans were worried that it might be his last, as free agency approached for him. Kill these fears, Red Sox fans, we've got Beckett for 4 more years! Today they signed him to a 4 year, $68 million deal that will pay him $17 million a year from 2011-14. Last night, Beckett had a tough start and he starts the season on a rough note of 0-0/9.64/2 in 4.2 innings vs the Yankees last night. However, Beckett has had rough Aprils in the past, and the Red Sox ace finished up last year at a very respectable 17-6/3.86/199 in his 2nd best season in a Red Sox uniform- his best was 2007 when he was 20-7/3.27/194. Tomorrow, Jon Lester and A.J. Burnett square off at 7:10 ET. I am looking forward to seeing Lester (who is probably the best starter on the Sox) play as he has started off his past few seasons doing... not too well. 1-0 is a good start!!!


  1. 2014 babe!!! I read this at 12:00.

  2. Conor

    Sox in first and Yanks in last. What could be better, right?

    I'm a friend of your dad and a fan of baseball (who just happens to root for the Sox). Not sure what your thoughts are but I would be perfectly happy following baseball and no other sports. This is our time of the year. I've even started checking out college games here at SDSU. A very famous ex-Aztec and ex-Padre, Tony Gwynn, is the coach of the team. It's great to see him in the dugout. He's always been a class act, ambassador of baseball. Think Mikey Lowell or Jon Lester (not A-Fraud or Joba the hut).

    Your analysis of game 1 was spot on. Beckett struggled but I'm not worried about him b/c he's usually quick to recover. My highlights were the performance of the new dirt dogs (Cameron, Beltre, Scutaro) and Daniel Bard's relief inning. And of course, I was happy that Papelbon's outing was the opposite of his last time on the mound at Fenway.

    Our pitching is amazing and our defense is epic (I can't believe the speed of our outfield). Plus, I think people have blown our light bats out of proportion.

    btw, I'll be in Boston for June. If you're in town and want to check out a game and heckle the opponents, let me know.

    GO SOX!
    Jeremy Long

  3. Enjoyed reading your post about Beckett, looking forward to seeing him for the next four years.
    Go Sox!
    Sean Kent

  4. hopefully... hopefully seeing lester pitch tonight will make me feel better about our pitching staff. i've always been a beck fan... but he had me on edge sunday.