Sunday, April 18, 2010

Homers Don't Make up for Pitching (4-7)

The Red Sox hit 3 home runs yesterday, but still fell in a 5-6 loss to the Rays. Kevin Youkilis (right) and Dustin Pedroia each hit 2-run dingers while Marco Scutaro hit a solo shot, all over the green monster. There is a little good news and a little bad news in the next sentence: the Rays scored 4 in the 1st innings, the bad: 4 runs in an inning! The good: the Sox outscored the rays 5-2 after the first. Clay Buchholz allowed 4 runs, all unearned, so he is now a very "good looking" 1-1/1.80/8 although he really has had a pretty rock start! The Sox play at 1:35 ET vs the Rays again- they have to win, they really do! if they don't, they will lose a 4-game series. I will not take 4-7, this is an awful start, I will take 5-7 and 6-7 though so you'd better win, Sox!

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  1. Ouch.

    On the bright side, planes are starting to fly in Scandinavia -- hope to see you very soon!