Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rays Continue to Dominate (5-3)

Today the Red Sox lost to the Rays, who continued their dominant ways, beating the Sox, 8-6. I think it is unfair how the Rays play because everybody uses minor leaguers and bench players in their Spring Training games but the Rays use their starters and win all of their games. We'll be used to them when the season starts and they will lose a lot in my opinion. Jacoby Ellsbury (right) hit two homers and drove in 3 runs in a dominant day for the left fielder. Jon Lester rebounded from a tough start to allow only 1 unearned run in 2.2 innings, a very good day.The Red Sox are now a very good 5-3, and they have been playing their minor leaguers. By the way, the Red Sox' long time great, Nomar Garciaparra retired today, we wish him well in life! The Rays' winning in Spring Training will not last! Mwahaha!!!!

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