Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Sox Making Final Touches on Roster

Yesterday the Red Sox switched out two minor league pitchers on their roster. They designated Robert Manuel (whom they had signed Nov. 20) for assigment and picked up minor leaguer Gaby Hernandez. He is only 23 years old, and will turn 24 in May. Last year, with Seattle's AAA team, the Tacoma Raiders, Hernandez went 10-9 with a 5.23 ERA in 26 starts, however, he did win his last five starts to earn him a pitcher of the week award from August 31- September 8. I think that this was a good pickup for a the Red Sox because I think he has a lot of potential and can intimidate hitters with a his size, 6'3" and 225 lb. He has not yet made an appearance in the majors, but that's Ok. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!

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