Saturday, February 27, 2010

Red Sox Bench Unbeatable? Hard to Argue

It's hard to argue otherwise that the Red Sox have the best bench in the major leagues heading into the 2010 season. With Jason Varitek, Mike Lowell, and new acquistions Jeremy Hermida (right) and Bill Hall to upgrade. The Red Sox have other options as well, especially in the outfield, but this looks best. If Mike Lowell is traded in Spring Training (which appears likely) then I'm going to guess that Jed Lowrie will take over that role. In the outfield they have Hermida, Josh Reddick, and possibly Bill Hall but he is more of a utility man than an outfielder. Jason Varitek is declining rapidly so if he is doing really badly, despite his leadership, expect Dusty Brown, Mark Wagner, or Luis Exposito to take over the backup catcher role. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!

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