Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st Birthday!

From one February 3rd to another, this blog has been so fun for me to write! I've really enjoyed having commentary on the Sox and reporting things to my loyal Sox.Roxians. I hope you've had as much fun as me in the one year journey that this has been, from a guy who just wanted to start a blog and pay attention to the Red Sox to (probably) the biggest Red Sox fan in Gloucester, VA. If you remember the first sentence of this blog, way back in February, 2009, here it is: "Welcome to Sox.Rox!!! This is my
first post, and the birthday is February 3rd." This has been a wild ride in baseball, reporting the best: John Lackey and Victor Martinez coming to Boston, and the worst: The Yankees winning the World Series, and losing Jason Bay. I have on ething to say for everybody, and I mean it: Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!!!


  1. Conor-you are my single source of Red Sox news...what would I do without you? Thank you for keeping the life line going this past year! Congratulations on a jobb well done!!

  2. Well done Buddy -- Happy Birthday to Sox Rox! I look forward to another year (and more after that) of news and analysis. Go Sox!

  3. Way to go! One year and a lot of posts later--takes some doing! Congratulations! Hoping for a strong season for the Sox. Bay will be missed for sure, but he's just one guy. Two more months until opening day!

  4. "Go Sox, All the way!!!" I think you put it very well when you noted "the bad: the Yankees winning the World Series" - I'm looking forward to this year's Sox.Rox chronicle of the pursuits of our ruby-stockinged brethren as they attempt to unseat "a creature so foul...!" So, this year, we're only interested in one thing, Sox.Rox. Can you tell a story? Can you make us laugh? Can you make us cry? Can you make us want to break out in joyous song? Is that more than one thing? Okay!

  5. Conor,

    I wanted to introduce myself. My friend forwarded me your blog yesterday to let me know it was coming up on a 1 yr. anniversary. I work with the Atlanta Braves but before I started working I was a die hard Sox fan and I was writing on message boards well back into the Dan Duquette era. I just wanted to let you know I think you are doing a fantastic job, your writing skills and baseball instincts are extremely impressive. Keep it up!


  6. I was sent a link to this blog by a friend... its a great source of news and commentary from a fellow sox fan who has to follow the team remotely. I've been a sox fan since I grew up in NE in the 70's and it is great to see the next generation of fanatical Sox fans coming up-- thankfully the optimism in this generation is alot higher than it was in mine (and with good reason!). Congrats on the 1st birthday and keep up the good work... I'll add this to my list of "regular read" Sox news sites.



  7. Hello from a diehard Cardinals fan (and an old friend of your dad's). I found your blog via a link from the Natural Patriot blog of all places. The fact that you've been at this for a full year is an inspiration to all of us baseball pundit wannabees.

    From a fan of one storied franchise to another - best of luck this year to the Red Socks, and I hope 2010 brings us a rematch of the 2004 Fall Classic.

    Continued blogjoy to you,

  8. Congrats on a full year of reporting on the team, Conor! It really is a great blog: super informative and clear-headed. Keep up the good work of keeping us up to date.

  9. Great job Sox Rox! I'vw love the news and insights you've provided over the past year about my favorite team. I'm looking forward to another year. Go Sox!

  10. It always gives me great pleasure to see a member of Red Sox Nation have passion about "our" team. (especially if you don't live in New England). Congratualtions on your first anniversary of creating this blog. Keep up the good work

    Red Sox Nation Ultimate Citizen #167803

  11. Happy One Year of SOXROXING BLOGGING!!!! I truely have enjoyed seeing your thoughts on the Sox especially during the season. Good luck in your second year and keep it up!

  12. Hi Conor,
    Congratulations on the 1-year anniversary of your baby. That's a great accomplishment. I'm impressed with your level of commitment and staying power. What an interesting perspective you have on Rox Sox happenings. Keep up the great work with your evolving project.

    xxoo Aunt Annie