Monday, January 4, 2010

Red Sox Offer to Alternative Third Baseman

Mike Lowell has been the big news lately about how the Red Sox are trying to trade him and they are, to make room for Adrian Beltre. Beltre is a free agent third baseman who is one of the best defenders in baseball at the hot corner. Beltre is normally a fairly powerful, 25 home run guy, who will hit around .270 but this year had a very bad offensive year. He hit .265 with 8 home runs and 44 RBIs in 111 games. The Red Sox recently offered him a contract for two years that is "heavily backloaded" meaning that he will earn more in the second year than the first, I will work on finding out how much the contract is worth. The Red Sox are receiving competition from the Orioles, Angels, and Athletics. The A's, however, are "out on this deal" according to a source. I'd like to see Beltre on the Sox, but what will they do with Lowell? Go Sox, all the way!!!!!

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  1. Lowell's future has seemed iffy for a while and, much as I love the guy, this seems like a good insurance policy. Let's see how it works out.