Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New York is a Rich City

You all have probably heard by now- Jason Bay (2009 Sox.Rox Player of the Year) signed with the New York Mets. For quite a while, the Mets were the only New York team that I liked (I disliked the Yankees, Giants, Jets, and Knicks) and it's not like I dislike them now, but I... like them less. Bay signed a 4 year, $66 million deal with an option to make it a 5 year, $80 million if he wants to stay for less. They outbid the Red Sox for the greatest peice of their 2009 Wild Card team although they are still a great team. Now- as I have said in a previous post, "Maybe it's time for the Holliday season." Personally, I think the Red Sox did the smart thing, however, Bay is not a great player; sure, he can hit for power, a respectable average, and a respectable fielder and runner, but he is not great. I'm going to tell everyone one thing right now- DO NOT HATE THE METS. This is just the baseball business, everyone tries to outbid everyone and the Sox didn't budge, it looks like we're going to see Cameron in left next year. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!


  1. Well, it was sure good while it lasted. I will be sorry to see ol' Jason go. Such an unassuming, clean-cut Canadian lad -- and what a bat! Good luck to him on the Mets, I hope we don't end up facing them in the 2010 WS . . .

  2. Yay finally something good happens to the Mets!