Sunday, December 20, 2009

(At Least) One More Year of Mike Lowell

You may have heard of a highly publicized deal of sending Mike Lowell down to Texas for minor league catcher, Max Ramirez. This trade would have sent Lowell and $9 million to Texas for Max Ramirez (I guess they think Ramirez is pretty good). This trade has been called off because Lowell is going to need thumb surgery over the offseason because of a nagging injury that gave him some bench time at the end of last season. Lowell flew down to Texas yesterday so the Rangers' doctors could look to see if the injury was still bothering him; they decided it was, so Lowell is back through 2011, unless they trade him before that. Last year, Lowell had a very good year, hitting at a nice .290 clip (fourth on the team) along with 17 homers and 75 RBIs, even though it was a far cry away from his 2007 stat line, it was better than his '08 one. Go Sox, all the way!!!!!!


  1. Lowell has been a good solid player for the Sox. If he can keep healthy he'll continue to be an asset.

  2. I heart Mike Lowell. I hope that the thumb surgery goes well. He has been a terrific player and his experience has helped the Sox tremendously. Although I understand the rationale for considering a trade, I would be sorry to see him leave the Sox.