Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shortstop Problems Continuing for Red Sox

As we all know, our shortstop Alex Gonzalez was not excersized in his mutual $6 million option for 2010, now he is totally out of reach, as he has signed a 1-year deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. Luckily, the Red Sox have a little friend waiting for them, Marco Scutaro (right) the former Toronto shortstop who is now a free agent and probably is feeling a little betrayed by the Jays. Scutaro had the best season of his 8-year career this year, and lucky for him, it happened just before free agency. Scutaro hit .282 with 12 homers and 60 RBIs as he is a great leadoff hitter, he reaches base a lot, with his .379 OBP. Scutaro has had a few suitors in need of a shortstop including the Red Sox, Dodgers, Mariners, and Rangers. Scutaro has said that he would prefer to join the Red Sox or Dodgers, because he would like to play in the playoffs. Come to papa, Marco, we need a shortstop!

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