Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red Sox Finalize Coaches For 2010

Yesterday, the Red Sox decided what their coaching staff was going to look like after the departure of Bench Coach Brad Mills (now Astros' manager) but it looks like they have finally figured it out. They gave their big promotion to bench coach to DeMarlo Hale (right) as he has now stopped as their 3rd base coach, the position he has been in since 2006. They also promoted Ron Johnson, the AAA Pawtucket manager for 5 years running, to play their first base coach and moved Tim Bogar to 3rd base. This will be next year's coaching staff.
Hitting Coach: Dave Magadan
Pitching Coach: John Farrel
1st Base Coach: Ron Johnson
3rd Base Coach: Tim Bogar
Bench Coach: DeMarlo Hale
Coaching Assistant: Rob Leary

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