Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jason Bay Earns First Silver Slugger

Today, Jason Bay earned an award that he definitely... earned! Bay had a great season as you will discover if you read the posts I have made over the course of the year, as he went on to win my Player of the Year Award for the Sox. He set career-highs with his 36 homers as he led the Sox with a .267, 36, 119 line with great stats in every category. Bay also fielded very well as he fell short of a Gold Glove (as did all Red Sox) but he did have a tie for the league-lead in outfield assists with Nick Markakis of the Orioles. So you'd think, we have a Silver Slugger, we're rolling, but let me make something clear.
WE DO NOT HAVE A SILVER SLUGGER, yes, what am I talking about? I am saying, there are no guarantees that we will see Bay gain in '10, don't get scared, but it's true!


  1. If I could wish one thing for the Sox it would be to keep their hands on Jason Bay!!!