Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Step Closer to Adrian Gonzalez

Recently, the San Diego Padres have hired a new GM, Jed Hoyer. Jed Hoyer has served in the Red Sox organization since 2002, this could definitely make negotiations much easier. The main reason I am blogging about this is that, with Hoyer in San Diego, the Red Sox could much easier negotiate with him for Adrian Gonzalez. The Red Sox heavily pursued Gonzlez before the Trade Deadline, instead the picked up Victor Martinez. Gonzalez has numbers too good to ignore, however, his amazing line was .277, 40, 99 as Gonzalez' numbers would probably jump even more playing in Fenway Park rather than the pitcher-favored PETCO park in San Diego. If the Sox got Gonzalez, could hold on to Bay and Alex Gonzalez, and maybe sign a strong starter, they could win the World Series next year!


  1. It would be nice but as it was at the trading deadline, San Diego wants some real good prospects and possible young players with low cost. I like it but I don't think the Sox will part with say 3-5 of their TOP PROSPECTS!