Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly News

Better watch out, opposition, because Jason Bay is back on track! This week, he wins his Sox.Rox leading 6th Player of the Week award, as he had an amazing week. This week he hit 4 HRs and 8 RBIs as he led the Sox to a respectable week. This week the Sox went 4-3, but lost when it counted as now they are .5 games behind the Rangers for the lead wild card spot at 66-51. The Sox are currently 8 games behind the Yankees who are currently playing the last of a series against the Mariners. Jason Bay has been in sort of a funk lately, this week really brought him back however as he hit his first homer since July 7th. So far this year, however, his line is .259, 25, 83, very good numbers. Hopefully the Sox can play some good baseball against AL East rivals, Blue Jays and Yankees next week.


  1. Great choice for player of the week. It is true that Jason Bay hasn't been hitting as much. But, he seems back in the saddle this week. Congratulations Jason!

  2. It's been great seeing the Sox bats back in action -- but they are behind and need to keep 'em cracking! Got to get at least back in the Wild Card slot.

  3. Nice write-up, Conor. Good seeing you guys on Saturday too.

    Keep up the good work.

    Uncle Matt

  4. Hi Conor,
    This is a really impressive blog. You've made it into much more of a slick communication tool since you first launched it. It's a good way for a beginner to learn about baseball.

    Thanks for coming to Jack's party. He was pointing at a picture of you yesterday and saying "dada." Right now he thinks anyone who is male with brown hair is "dada", just like some babies call all four-legged animals "dog" at first. Nonetheless, though, he recognizes you in pictures!